January 2018
01 Fay Keenan Springtime at the Cider Kitchen 02 B0752PBV9M
Elle Wright It's Always Been You 01 B071VBKMSG
02 Anna Bennett The Rogue Is Back in Town 03 1250100941
Jen McKinlay Every Dog Has His Day 03 0399584765
Various Heroines & Hellions B B0757ZRLPX
Eileen Wilks Dragon Blood 14 0399583157
Scarlet Wilson The Italian Billionaire's New Year Bride - 1335134956
08 Annie West Hot Italian Nights A B077V7XN3Q
Sean D. Young Be My Valentine 04 B0786PB859
09 Jessica Lemmon Man Candy 03 B071VQKVCK
Seanan McGuire Beneath the Sugar Sky 03 0765393581
Reina Torres The Tiger's Innocent Bride 01 B077QK8MJP
10 Noelle Adams Seducing Her Brother's Best Friend 03 B077J1JNJN
11 Nicole London + Whitney G. My Enemy Next Door - B076H8XTJN
15 Alison Aimes Besting the Billionaire 02 B0786Q1YWT
Kira Archer The Billionaire's Unexpected Baby 02 B0785G5VK2
Melanie Munton Sweet Attraction 02 B0786NWWSD
Annie Seaton His Outback Nanny 03 B0786NQ5W2
Jennifer Shirk Bargaining with the Boss 01 B0786QTL85
Naima Simone Scoring with the Wrong Twin 01 B0786R3747
16 Annie Burrows The Marquess Tames His Bride 02 133552259X
Dani Collins On the Edge 01 B077KFQQCQ
Douglas Preston + Lincoln Child City of Endless Night 17 1455536946
22 Naomi Boom To Entice an Earl 03 B078JY7498
Tina Donahue Wicked Times Two 03 B0786L3K6C
Kendra C. Highley Crazy Love - B0786N258W
23 Susan Mallery Sisters Like Us 04 0778330907
Kadie Scott Saving the Sheriff 01 B0778JDW8W
Jill Shalvis About That Kiss 05 0062741772
29 Jezz De Silva A Choice of Fate 02 B078GVY4R1
Jody Holford Let It Be Me 01 B078GY6BMJ
Amalie Howard + Angie Morgan My Scot, My Surrender 04 B078GW1XKN
N. J. Walters Drakon's Past 04 B0786R7LSM
30 Tessa Bailey Indecent Exposure 02 0062467107
Kimberly Bell A Scandal by Any Other Name 02 B072MFVC7S
Alison Bliss More to Love 03 1455568104
Manda Collins Wallflower Most Wanted 03 1250109906
Suzanne Enoch A Devil in Scotland 03 125009545X
Laura Lee Guhrke The Trouble with True Love 02 0062469878
Lorraine Heath Beyond Scandal and Desire 01 0062676008
Various The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars 02 1506700403
February 2018
01 Lisa Childs Legal Seduction 01 B07179DKW6
Clare Connelly Off Limits - B0719VYKJ3
Jessica Florence Day 02 B078WJRQ7Z
JC Harroway A Week to Be Wild - B07262F774
Sinclair Jayne Valentine's at the Graff 04 B078SPTMQF
Anne Marsh Ruled 01 B0723GHZNH
Anne McAllister Valentine Charms - B078Z1GBSM
Susan Meier The Spanish Millionaire's Runaway Bride - B073ZFFPM7
Annie O'Neil Reunited with Her Parisian Surgeon - B073ZDPQNV
05 Chris Cannon Dating Debate 01 B0791JXGPG
Avery Flynn The Schemer 03 B076ZQSF87
Ann B. Harrison Valentine Kisses 02 B077Y5NTT6
06 Anna Bradley More or Less a Marchioness 01 B071L5CDSV
Samantha Chase One More Promise 02 B072YXFLFG
Brenda Drake Assassin of Truths 03 B073Z894SG
Eloisa James Midsummer Delights A B074Z3TV7B
Gini Koch Aliens Abroad 16 0756412838
Sydney Landon Room for Two 02 0399587403
Tamora Pierce Tempests and Slaughter 01 0375847111
12 Amy Andrews Playing House 05 B0796X8GFY
Jenna Bayley-Burke The Billionaire’s Reluctant Fiancée 05 B078H2J1X8
Victoria Davies A Baby for the Billionaire - B078H45RX4
Cathryn Fox The Penthouse Pact 01 B078GSTRBT
Victoria James Baby on the Bad Boy's Doorstep 04 B0796XF7CT
13 Jacquie Biggar Valentine: A Hearts and Kisses Romance - B078QFJH4H
Jaci Burton Shot on Gold 14 0399585168
Various It Happened One Night A B077S7XF3P
19 Tawne Fenske The Test 02 B079DW8TK1
Alice Gaines His for the Week - B079DWLBJQ
Christina Phillips Cinderella and the Geek 01 B079DVW33V
Magan Vernon Straight Up Irish 01 B079DW9RKV
20 Amy Andrews Fair Game 03 B076CD2XYW
Kelly Bowen A Duke in the Night 01 147891856X
Gail Chianese Disarmed by Love 03 B071LLHHJJ
Kate Elliott Dead Empire 02 9780316368735
Julia London Devil in Tartan 04 1335629408
Reina Torres Their UnBearable Destiny 03 B078BTS585
Maisey Yates Smooth-Talking Cowboy 01 1335006982
26 Harper A. Brooks The Curse 01 B079LHNBRX
Christina Elle The Man I Want to Be 04 B079LB236Y
Maddison Michaels The Devilish Duke - B079LF6NTV
27 Alyssa Cole A Princess in Theory 01 0062685546
Dani Collins From the Top 02 B078YF1XBM
Meredith Duran The Sins of Lord Lockwood 06 1501139045
Megan Frampton Lady Be Reckless 02 0062666649
Jennifer Gracen It Might Be You 05 1420145304
Jenny Holiday One and Only 01 1455542407
Lisa Kleypas Hello Stranger 04 0062371916
Mark Lawrence Red Sister 01 1101988878
Caroline Linden My Once and Future Duke 01 0062672924
Ella Quinn The Marquis and I 04 1420145169
Lauren Rowe Misadventures of a College Girl 08 B0735HDY2C
Kendall Ryan Baby Daddy - B07734F4JZ
March 2018
01 Jennifer Faye Beauty and Her Boss 01 B074M8R48D
Nicola Marsh Sweet Thing 01 B072JF9ZFV
Riley Pine My Royal Temptation 01 B072FTR5GM
Katee Robert Make Me Want - B071LSKSSG
06 Grace Burrowes A Rogue of Her Own 04 1538728915
Jennifer Delamere The Heart's Appeal 02 0764219219
Michelle Douglas A Baby in His In-Tray - 1335135057
Shana Galen No Earls Allowed 02 149263901X
Anna Harrington As the Devil Dares 03 1455597295
Balli Kaur Jaswal Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows - 0062645110
Stefanie London Bad Bachelor 01 B076BWZC74
Seanan McGuire Tricks for Free 07 0756410401
Penny Reid Marriage of Inconvenience 07 B075VVRTJ7
Lia Riley Virgin Territory 03 B071DSP3CS
08 Debbie Johnson Sunshine at the Comfort Food Café 04 B0753VWL89
12 Donna Michaels Army Ranger with Benefits 04 B0796XB7JY
Virginia Nelson The Firstborn Prince 03 B079Y3ZBGF
Naima Simone Scoring Off the Field 02 B079Y617JS
Sonya Weiss The Firefighter's Perfect Plan 02 B079Y8MPSB
16 Susannah Nix Advanced Physical Chemistry 03 B07958H7M8
19 Cathryn Fox Brazilian Fantasy 05 B07B2ZG3TQ
Tamara Gill To Save a Savage Scot 02 B07B2Z2D9P
Robin Lovett Toxic Desire 01 B07B2ZRXQG
Jen McLaughlin The Backup Plan 01 B079RKQ8NV
Callie Hutton The Pursuit of Mrs. Pennyworth - B07B2ZDRW6
25 Janet Elizabeth Henderson Ransom 04 B07BPW7DP6
27 Sarah See Anderson Herding Cats 03 1449489788
Jackie Ashenden The Undercover Billionaire 03 125012283X
Lenora Bell What a Difference a Duke Makes 01 0062692488
Jules Bennett Stay With Me 01 1420144960
Elizabeth Hayley Misadventures with My Roommate 10 B073FPBC2J
Jenna Jaxon To Woo a Wicked Widow 01 1516103254
Shelly Laurenston Hot and Badgered 01 1496714342
Eva Leigh Counting on a Countess 02 0062499432
Priscilla Oliveras Her Perfect Affair 02 1420144294
Kerrelyn Sparks Eight Simple Rules for Dating a Dragon 03 125010825X
Lori Wilde How the Cowboy Was Won 06 0062468251
April 2018
01 Christy McKellen A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? - B075QZFJXM
Rebecca Winters Captivated by the Brooding Billionaire 01 B075QXVHCH
03 Christina Barth Never Been Good 02 B071YRWGWX
Juliet Blackwell A Magical Match 09 0399584188
Debbie Burns Sit, Stay, Love 02 1492650862
Samantha Chase In the Eye of the Storm / Catering to the CEO - 1492622710
Anne Gracie Marry in Scandal 02 0425283828
Maisey Yates Claim Me, Cowboy 04 1335971416
09 Melia Alexander The Best Friend Incident 02 B07BK7TJXJ
Jenna Bayley-Burke Just One Spark - B07BK7RJPZ
Elsie Davis Back in the Rancher's Arms 01 B07BK83QKW
Molly Harper Peachy Flippin' Keen 03 B074ZJLMVH
Jennifer Hoopes The Cowboy's Homecoming Surprise 02 B07BK8981L
Elizabeth Keysian Vanquishing the Viscount 03 B07BK7T15V
Wendy LaCapra Scandal in Spades 01 B07BK7Z3SK
Stacy Reid The Earl in My Bed 02 B07BK81WGD
10 Toni Aleo Misadventures with a Rookie 11 B073FTDCN6
Mia Sosa Pretending He's Mine 02 B072BFJG5G
16 Robin Bielman Too Hard to Resist 03 B07B8WZ7SN
Carmen Falcone Good Girl Gone Bad - B07BF94G6R
Stacy Wise Maybe Someone Like You - B079L9V516
17 Andie J. Christopher Before Daylight 03 B07465KJ54
Cathy Maxwell A Match Made in Bed 02 0062655760
Cat Sebastian Unmasked by the Marquess 01 B071J6RRSQ
22 Janet Elizabeth Henderson Can't Tie Me Down 01 B07CKQ54HH
23 Tonya Burrows Reckless Honor 05 B07BVPQNMZ
Justine Davis Whiskey River Rockstar 03 B07B9T2NMB
Alison B. Hanson Wanted for Life 02 B07BVN3716
Taylor Lunsford Fair Game - B07BVMZZLN
Cathy Skendrovich Undercover with the Nanny - B07C9ZN487
Jennifer Trethaway Betting the Scot 02 B07C9Y4JNW
24 Tessa Bailey Disturbing His Peace 03 0062467123
Lisa Berne The Bride Takes a Groom 03 0062451820
Madeline Hunter A Devil of a Duke 02 B072R4RHFR
Theresa Romain Lady Rogue 03 1420145436
Kendall Ryan Misadventures with the Boss 12 B0735J85FR
Tara Sheets Don't Call Me Cupcake 01 1420146262
Joanna Shupe A Scandalous Deal 02 0062678914
Shannon Stacey Hot Response 04 1335471375
Julia Whelan My Oxford Year - 0062740644
May 2018
01 Valerie Bowman A Duke Like No Other 09 1250121736
Samantha Chase Until There Was Us 08 1492655902
Marie Harte The Only Thing 03 1492631914
Janna MacGregor The Luck of the Bride 03 1250116163
Jennifer Probst The Marriage Arrangement 4.5 B077PD5PXN
Kendall Ryan The Bro Code - B07B23T7C8
Jill Shalvis The Good Luck Sister 1.5 B075WV1RH9
Maisey Yates Mail Order Cowboy 1.5 B0792Z2FZL
07 Kate Meader Hooked on You 04 B0784PTVDL
08 Emma Hart The Dating Experiment - B079R6L37T
14 Susan Caroll Charmless 02 B071LLHMZN
Marissa Clarke Three Day Fiancée 02 B07C235PDH
Tina Gabrielle How to Tempt an Earl 01 B07CKV8R4D
Thea Harrison Planet Dragos 9.8 B07C9Z8QVF
Kathy Lyons Hitting It 01 B07BVB98T5
Joann Sky No Cowboy Required 01 B07CLLWWLN
Annie Seaton His Outback Temptation 04 B07CKQF467
15 Jessica Clare Dirty Bastard 03 B074YKZLJJ
Sarah Beth Durst The Queen of Sorrow 03 0062413384
Charlie N. Holmberg The Plastic Magician 04 B073ZDXNP4
Jessica Lemmon Rumor Has It 04 B075HZ72RB
21 Kate Allure Laying Pipe 01 B07CTP4B2K
Renee Dominick Don't Hold Back 02 B07CRJT91K
Delancey Stewart Without Promise 02 B07BVB98KV
22 Cristi Caldwell + Tessa Dare Rogues Rush In - B07BMQFMLS
Kate Hardy Unlocking the Italian Doc's Heart - 1335663568
Lisi Harrison The Dirty Book Club - 1451696418
Lauren Layne Hot Asset 01 B075WTFNCM
Sandhya Menon From Twinkle with Love - 1481495402
Elle Wright Wherever You Are 02 1335216731
Various Invincible Ultimate Collection 12 1534306587
28 Tammy L. Bailey A Mistress for Penndrake - B07CWRCHX7
Amalie Howard + Angie Morgan Sweet Home Highlander 01 B07CWQCY8P
Kelly Jamieson Screwed - B07C1P6T69
Tee O'Fallon Lock 'N' Load 01 B07CWRYKPV
Ainslie Paton One Night Wife 01 B07CWS2N5G
Lexi Post On Highland Time - B07CWRC2V1
Vanessa Riley The Bashful Bride 02 B07CG5YTYC
29 Noelle Adams Part-Time Husband 01 B07B9WH8KT
Katharine Ashe The Prince 04 0062641743
Amelia Grey It's All About the Duke 03 1250102537
Eloisa James Too Wilde to Wed 02 0062692461
Vivienne Lorret How to Forget a Duke 01 0062685481
Renee Ann Miller Never Deceive a Viscount 02 1420144596
Jeannie Moon You Send Me 02 B07CGJGDPZ
Ella Quinn You Never Forget Your First Earl 05 1420145185
June 2018
01 Fiona Collins The Sister Swap - B072S23FKS
Jennifer Faye Miss White and the Seventh Heir 02 B0776TFBMS
Rosalind James Tempting as Sin 02 B076BRKP7Z
Andrea Laurence One Unforgettable Weekend 06 B0769WNQST
Various Harlequin Dare June 2018 Box Set B B0779BX512
04 Jacquie Underdown The Sweetest Secret 02 B079VJ2GBX
05 Jim Butcher Brief Cases A 0451492102
Jo Goodman A Touch of Flame 02 0399584293
Helen Hoang The Kiss Quotient 01 0451490800
Nicole McLaughlin Only With You 02 B079Y5CVKR
Jennifer Probst The Start of Something Good 01 B0787SCPVH
Tara Sivec In Bed with the Beast 02 B079RL7D71
Rebecca Winters Falling for the Venetian Billionaire 02 1335135162
07 Mindy Klasky The Witch Doctor Is In 01 B07CXJC671
11 Kira Archer Scotland or Bust 03 B07D6NKH14
Kerri Carpenter Her Super-Secret Rebound Boyfriend - B07CL2K66R
Katy Connor Doctor Sexy 02 B07D7N5GLM
Rachel Goodman Rescuing the Receiver 02 B078MD4J5C
Callie Hutton Wagering for Miss Blake 04 B07D6N6RMK
Coleen Kwan Dating for Keeps 03 B07D6MRZDQ
12 Syrie James Runaway Heiress 01 B075WNSL9V
Amy Meyerson The Bookshop of Yesterdays - 0778319849
Douglas Preston + Lincoln Child The Pharaoh Key 05 1455525820
Nalini Singh Ocean Light 02 1101987820
Various Protected by a Hero B B07CZ27S2Y
14 L. H. Cosway + Penny Reid The Voyeur and the Vet 04 B07DPTYM38
Eve Gaddy Rebel Pilot, Texas Doctor 01 B07CLH3CH5
18 Tina Donahue Wicked Design 04 B07DC4PXDC
Cathryn Fox Improper Proposal 06 B07DC3XW8F
A.S. Green Wild Child - B07DC4KX2B
19 Sarah MacLean Wicked and the Wallflower 01 0062692062
Jill Shalvis Rainy Day Friends 02 0062448145
Teri Wilson How to Romance a Runaway Bride 02 1335465863
Maisey Yates Untamed Cowboy 02 1335900705
25 Lori Ann Bailey Highland Temptation 03 B07DHKDYFQ
Alison Bliss Law of Attraction 03 B07DHKWMNC
Ember Cole Stiff Discipline 01 B07DJ557G8
Eve Pendle Six Weeks with a Lord - B07DHKWKBK
Keris Stainton The Invitation - B07CTD3BWK
26 Ilona Andrews Iron and Magic 01 B07CZ39YYV
Emma Chase Getting Schooled - B079DX2VBS
Manda Collins One for the Rogue 04 1250109922
Jenny Holiday It Takes Two 02 1455542423
Donna Kauffman Bluestone & Vine 02 1420145479
Julia London Tempting the Laird 05 1335629416
Roxanne Snopek Driftwood Creek 02 B07639DHFH
Minerva Spencer Dangerous 01 1420147196
G. Willow Wilson Ms. Marvel 04 1302909134
28 Natasha Boyd Inconvenient Wife 02 B07B5C2XNL
July 2018
01 Jackie Ashenden Destroyed 02 B0779F3GNV
Nicola Marsh Wild Thing 02 B0779D3QL7
03 Rachel Caine Smoke and Iron 04 0451489217
Shana Galen An Affair with the Spare 03 1492638951
Jessica Gilmore Summer Romance with the Italian Tycoon - 1335135197
Kate Hardy Reunited at the Altar - 1335135200
Sarah Kuhn Heroine's Journey 03 0756414415
Janice Maynard On Temporary Terms 02 1335971645
May McGoldrick Sweet Home Highland Christmas - B07D2B19HK
Joss Wood Friendship on Fire 01 1335971637
Various Kiss Me Again, Cowboy B B07DHXMMSH
05 Heather Boyd The Duke and I 01 B07CJ65C95
09 Amy Andrews Playing Dirty 06 B07DTGT6TS
Ember Cole Private Prick 02 B07DP89K4J
Ember Cole Unlawful Entry 03 B07DP7X2QF
Victoria Davies Giving Up the Boss - B07DTF65X5
Chantal Fernando Knuckle Down 02 B078MDY5TS
Catherine Hemmerling A Rogue for Emily 05 B07DTH6JT3
Lily Maxton Claiming the Highlander's Heart 04 B07DT9VYZZ
Donna Michaels The Army Ranger's Surprise 05 B07DTHB14D
L.E. Rico Mischief and Mayhem 02 B07DTF1YYS
Naima Simone Scoring the Player's Baby 03 B07DTDCSMX
10 Sarah Morgan How to Keep a Secret - 1335613005
Chloe Neill Wild Hunger 01 0399587098
Naomi Novik Spinning Silver - 0399180982
16 Christina Phillips Once Upon a Player 02 B07F17MR2J
17 Kelly Jamieson Playing Hurt 07 B076NSHFM9
Lauren Layne I Think I Love You 05 B076NVFTQ4
Seanan McGuire The Girl in the Green Silk Gown 02 075641380X
Tracy Wolff Hot & Heavy 02 B0755ZRNXJ
23 Heidi Betts One Wedding, Two Brides 01 B07F685SNK
Cynthia Breeding A Rake's Redemption 01 B07F6D81J8
Sidney Bristol Assassin Games 02 B07F69PKQ4
Lisa Magnolia Mystic 01 B07F67WM72
Diana Lloyd How to Train Your Baron 01 B07F6CNMMR
Heather McCorkle Twice Turned 02 B07F6NGPL1
Kimberly Nee The Earl's Perfect Match 04 B07F67N235
24 Shana Gray What Happens in Vegas 01 B07DTB3X97
Nancy Herkness Second Time Around 02 B0786C6FDH
Suzanne Johnson Frenchman Street 06 B07F8WP829
Sophie Jordan The Duke Buys a Bride 03 0062463640
30 Nina Croft Handle with Care 01 B07DTHDB57
Avery Flynn Butterface 01 B07DTFT2KT
Penny Reid Dr. Strange Beard 05 B076MD9FTF
Kadie Scott Resisting the Rancher 02 B07D3GR4WM
31 Alyssa Cole A Duke by Default 02 0062685562
Eloisa James Born to Be Wilde 03 006269247X
Sally Mackenzie What Ales the Earl 01 1420146718
Karen Ranney To Love a Duchess 01 0062841041
August 2018
01 Taryn Leigh Taylor Forbidden Pleasure 01 B079GWWCND
Avril Tremayne Getting Lucky 01 B079GZGHH4
02 Kaylie Newell Tanner's Promise 01 B07D7NN56J
07 Jane Ashford Brave New Earl 01 1492663352
Regina Cole To Have and to Harley 01 B07C91W7V1
Dani Collins In Too Deep 03 B07DVWMMGW
Katherine Garbera Craving His Best Friend's Ex 03 1335971696
Dami Lee Be Everything at Once - 1452167656
Jessica Lemmon A Snowbound Scandal 02 133597167X
Stefanie London Bad Reputation 02 B079K2LMH3
May McGoldrick Sleepless in Scotland 03 B07D2BQ87H
09 Ann B. Harrison Wedding Surprise 04 B07F2NVBP1
13 Kathy Lyons Sliding Home 02 B07FSRZ5FX
Robert Tate Miller Cowboys Need Not Apply B07FSF6D3X
Jennifer Shirk Catch Him If You Can 02 B07FSQSX87
Teri Anne Stanley Accidentally in Love with the Pilot B07FSL1DK4
14 Sarina Bowen + Tanya Eby Boy Toy 03 B07D9X3HW9
Various Rat Queens: The Colossal Magic Nothing 05 1534306773
15 Nichole Chase Crossing Lines 02 0062405225
16 Eve Gaddy His Best Friend's Sister 02 B07F2R2BR6
20 Juliette Cross Darkest Heart 01 B07G13C74Z
Carmen Falcone Good Girls Like It Dirty 02 B07FSL1NMF
Christina Hovland The Honeymoon Trap - B07G14PT3P
21 Noelle Adams Practice Husband 02 B07D9WL7XS
Lorraine Heath When a Duke Loves a Woman 02 0062676024
Felicia Kingsley How (Not) to Marry a Duke - B07F2N796K
Charis Michaels All Dressed in White 02 B07238XNZG
Kristen Proby All the Way 01 B074M5PKMV
Aurora Rose Reynolds Tossed Into Love 03 B07B2W7QDR
Kristin Wallace The Heiress Games Box Set O B07FN7LPYV
Maisey Yates Good Time Cowboy 03 1335474617
27 Cindi Madsen Until We're More 02 B07G12RC9P
Maddison Michaels The Elusive Earl 02 B07FLX3GFM
N.J. Walters Drakon Unchained 05 B07FMG4W2W
28 Ilona Andrews Magic Triumphs 10 0425270718
Sophie Barnes The Illegitimate Duke 03 0062849727
Anabelle Bryant London's Wicked Affair 01 1420146432
Tessa Dare The Governess Game 02 0062672126
Caroline Linden An Earl Like You 02 0062672940
Kaitlin O'Riley The Heiress He's Been Waiting For 01 1420144634
Shannon Stacey Under Control 05 1335964541
Various Giant Days 08 B07FPTNLTQ
September 2018
01 Michelle Douglas The Million Pound Marriage Deal - B079CJC853
Stefanie London Hard Deal 02 B079KGG1VY
Maisey Yates Snowed in with the Cowboy 2.6 B07CB4G2V8
02 Avery Laval A Tycoon's Bargain 04 B07DY4JB28
04 Natasha Anders The Wrong Man 03 B0797SF7XQ
Anne Bogel I'd Rather Be Reading - 0801072921
Cheryl Brooks Maverick 01 1492661600
Jaci Burton One Perfect Kiss 08 0399585095
Samantha Chase One More Moment 03 149261646X
Jasmine Guillory The Proposal - 0399587683
Lauren Layne Hard Sell 02 B078XD3GXW
Amanda Mariel One Enchanting Kiss 02 B07DKWSYSK
Seanan McGuire Night and Silence 12 0756414768
Tara Sivec Kiss the Girl 03 B079RLT55Q
Various The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars 03 150670185X
07 Margaret Locke The Legendary Duke 02 B07FK1P283
10 Fiona Davenport Bought for Marriage 01 B07GNXYDLW
Robyn DeHart The Marquess and the Maiden 02 B07GN9PGJX
Victoria James The Firefighter's Pretend Fiancée 05 B07GN7VN8G
Regina Kyle A Nanny for the Reclusive Billionaire - B07GNBP2PC
Cherrie Lynn Shameless - B07GN7T6Q3
Taryn Leigh Taylor Taking a Shot 01 B07GN8VWFP
11 Syrie James Summer of Scandal 02 B0763LCK2K
Various Rogues to Lovers: Legend of the Blue Rose B B07DQF74J1
17 Abigail Owen The Mate 00 B07GV99XP5
R.C. Stephens Big Stick - B07G11HMFB
Magan Vernon Irish on the Rocks 02 B07G11QF4D
18 Christy Barth Got It Bad 03 B0756BJNSS
Lenora Bell For the Duke's Eyes Only 02 0062692496
Megan Nicole Dong Sharky Malarkey - 1449487556
Deborah Harkness Time's Convert 01 0399564519
Tessa Layne Prairie Fever 07 B07F1HYXYF
Heidi Rice The Rodeo Cowboy's Baby 05 B07FVRYFK8
Theresa Romain + Shana Galen Mrs. Brodie's Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies - B07FB6HW3L
Nalini Singh Rebel Hard 02 B07GRGC12T
Various Tropical Tryst 2.0 B B07DX9VC5M
24 Jen Doyle Butterfly Ops 01 B07F46582R
Allison B. Hanson Watched from a Distance 03 B07H28J2RY
Jody Holford Never Expected You 02 B07H27NSG3
Elizabeth Keysian A Potion for Passion 01 B07H28DXRR
Heather McCollum A Rose in the Highlands 01 B07FS9ZSJH
Abigail Owen The Boss 01 B07H292L61
Ainslie Paton Fool Me Forever 02 B07H28LYKK
Sara Rider Make Me Fall 02 B07FKF7MDV
25 Kelly Bowen Last Night with the Earl 02 1478918594
Megan Frampton The Lady Is Daring 03 0062666673
Shana Gray Meet Me in San Francisco 02 B07H27R2GB
Laurel Kerr Wild on My Mind 01 B07DD1YLW3
Sarah Morgan The Christmas Sisters - 1335946470
Kylie Scott Strong 4.5 B0778GBK4F
Jill Shalvis Hot Winter Nights 06 0062741837
Tara Sheets Don't Touch My Petunia 02 1420146289
Joanna Shupe A Notorious Vow 03 0062678949
Maisey Yates A Tall, Dark Cowboy Christmas 04 1335474625
Various Santa's on His Way A 1420148095
Various Sweet Christmas Kisses 5 B B07FN4KVWP
October 2018
01 Amy Andrews Tempted by Mr. Off-Limits 02 B07B27CHRK
Jules Bennett Most Eligible Texan 02 B079W3X4GF
Kate Hardy A Diamond in the Snow - B07B297PW6
Andrea Laurence The Boyfriend Arrangement 06 B079W5864L
Nicola Marsh Play Thing 03 B07CP26KFX
Melanie Milburne Bound by a One-Night Vow 23 B079CHWBL5
Scarlet Wilson Cinderella's New York Christmas 01 B07B235BLX
Joss Wood Hot Christmas Kisses 02 B079W5PC4T
02 A.S. Fenichel A Lady's Escape 02 B078VVDQY4
Mira Lyn Kelly Just This Once 03 1492670758
Jessica Lemmon America's Sweetheart 05 B078VYVDRN
Lisa Ludwinski Sister Pie - 0399579761
08 Kathy Lyons Hard and Fast 03 B07HF1MRM4
Carrie Nichols The Sheriff's Little Matchmaker 01 B07HF2DLDB
Emma Shortt A Game of Chance - B07HF1ZJPP
09 Samantha Young Fight or Flight - B079127KQZ
11 Mindy Klasky Fae's Anatomy 02 B07GZ15TF7
12 Ainslie Paton Tinsel in a Tangle - B07CHXM26G
15 Katie Allen Marriage Lessons 03 B07DCTC73W
Carmen Falcone Good Girl's Bad Lessons 03 B07HLWXQJ6
Thea Harrison Lionheart 03 B07GJ1K9T9
Penny Reid Neanderthal Seeks Extra Yarns A B07GFVFSW3
Kendall Ryan Dear Jane - B07FNZB48P
Various How the Dukes Stole Christmas A B07H6BKB7Z
16 Nancy Naigle Dear Santa A 1250185173
Various Alphas of Seduction A B07FNYWTPT
17 Jill Shalvis Holidays at Heartbreaker Bay A 1432857649
22 Marine Blue Mistletoe Kisses - B07HX3XPF9
Amalie Howard + Angie Morgan A Lord for the Lass 02 B07HX1M5P9
Vanessa Riley The Butterfly Bride 03 B07DC425XY
Sasha Summers Protecting the Wolf's Mate 03 B07HX1847J
23 Kristen Callihan Fall 03 B07H3M1XJ8
Beth Cato Roar of Sky 03 B076H1ZV38
Adam Ellis Super Chill: A Year of Living Anxiously - 1449491553
Kelly Jamieson Big Stick 08 B079DB72FR
Jennifer Probst A Brand New Ending 02 B07CGDN7RH
Kristen Proby Tempting Brooke 3.5 B077P7MSG7
Maya Rodale Duchess by Design 01 0062838806
Christina Tosi All About Cake - 0451499522
Avril Tremayne The Viscount Can Wait 02 B072BFHZFZ
29 Avery Flynn Muffin Top 02 B07FSJ6SZH
Stefanie London Beauty and the Greek Billionaire - B07J51ZKTV
30 Anna Bennett First Earl I See Tonight 01 1250199468
Carly Bloom Big Bad Cowboy 01 B079L5Z8SN
Valerie Bowman Kiss Me at Christmas 10 1250147522
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Jasmine Guillory The Proposal - 0399587683
Vanessa Kelly The Highlander Who Protected Me 01 1420141155
Julia London Seduced by a Scot 06 1335629424
Nalini Singh Archangel's Prophecy 11 0451491645
Rachel Van Dyken Dangerous Exes 02 B079T49KBT
Lori Wilde The Christmas Key 09 0062468278
Various A Season to Celebrate A 1420135740
November 2018
01 Jennifer Faye Heiress's Baby Bombshell 02 B07BSG3LPY
Tara Pammi Sicilian's Bride for a Price - B07B6FDV7J
Various Love Rekindled at Christmas A B07GXK2X42
06 Ilona Andrews Diamond Fire 3.5 B07BK3M7V7
Grace Burrowes My One and Only Duke 01 1538728958
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J.T. Geissinger Ache for You 03 B07D3S2B8Z
Erica Ridley Kiss of a Duke 02 B07G9LH14M
Sierra Simone Misadventures with a Professor 16 B07959NKTR
Maisey Yates Want Me, Cowboy 05 1335971831
08 Dani Collins Wedding at Mistletoe Chalet - B07HJS9DRC
Susannah Nix Rising Star 01 B07GC8FTSZ
12 Amanda Ashby What Were You Thinking, Paige Taylor? 01 B07JX573CM
Nina Crespo The First Rule of Hook-Ups 01 B07JLSK6HR
Robyn DeHart The Earl and the Reluctant Lady 03 B07JLXV3GB
Jennifer Hoopes The Cowboy's Christmas Baby 03 B07JLTY5QC
Callie Hutton Captivating the Earl 05 B07JM2VFWT
Victoria James A Christmas Miracle for the Doctor 06 B07JLWL1HQ
Lisa Kessler Pirate's Passion 02 B07FSKJ7G6
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Julie Particka Adventures in Online Dating - B07JM17M9K
L.E. Rico Mistletoe in Mayhem Boxed Set 03 B07JLZMGD1
Jill Shalvis Hug Me, Holly! - B07FYMLHHT
Sonya Weiss The Millionaire's Revenge Contract - B07JLBFJMG
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Various Hockey Holidays A B07GJYKLGC
Various A Night to Remember A B07GJHWBJR
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27 Debbie Burns My Forever Home 03 1492650897
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Cathy Maxwell The Duke That I Marry 03 0062655787
Priscilla Oliveras Their Perfect Melody 03 1420144308
Ella Quinn I'll Always Love You 5.5 B07B75Q9W9
Kendall Ryan Hunky Heartbreaker ? B078897ZR4
Various All Things Merry and Bright A B07H17B96X
30 Erin Nicholas Eggnog Makes Her Easy 2.5 B07H8K2YLF
December 2018
01 Tina Beckett The Billionaire's Christmas Wish 04 B07CSZ581Q
Dani Collins Claiming His Christmas Wife - B07BSCYC88
Jessica Lemmon A Christmas Proposition 03 B07CVJ8VWC
Janice Maynard Blame It on Christmas 01 B07CVHBPS8
Annie O'Neil The Army Doc's Christmas Angel 03 B07CSTV6N9
Sophie Pembroke CEO's Marriage Miracle 03 B07CTLKW7Z
Christine Rimmer Same Time, Next Christmas 03 B07CVH7K5K
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America's Test Kitchen Cook It in Your Dutch Oven - 1945256567
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Elizabeth Hoyt Not the Duke's Darling 01 1538763524
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Various Avatar: The Last Airbender - Imbalance 01 1506704891
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Vivienne Lorret Ten Kisses to Scandal 02 0062685503
31 Douglas Preston + Lincoln Child Verses for the Dead 18 1538747200
?? Janet Elizabeth Henderson Can't Stop the Feeling 02 ISBN