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Green Tea: A mld, minimally oxidized form of tea derived from twigs and old leaves, harvested from the dormant tea plant and dry-roasted.

Black Tea: Black tea is generally the most heavily oxidized class of teas, resulting in stronger flavors and relatively high levels of caffeine. It also preserves particularly well, lasting years where green teas tend to love flavor in only months. Known in China primarily as "red tea", mirroring the color of the liquid as opposed to that of the leaf.

Oolong Tea: Oolong gets its name from the region in Taiwan it was first developed. Translated, it means "black dragon" or "black snake". It contains more caffeine than gree teas, but less than black, and similar levels of anti-oxidants. the heightened levels of Polyphenol in oolong teas are effective in activating enzymes that control obesity.

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